6 new facts about Facebook


Facebook turns 10 tomorrow and reaches that milestone as the dominant social networking platform, used by 57% of all adults and 73% of all those ages 12-17.  Adult Facebook use is intensifying: 64% of Facebook users visit the site on a daily basis, up from 51% of users who were daily users in 2010. Among teens, the total number of users remains high, according to Pew Research Center surveys, and they are not abandoning the site. But focus group interviews suggest that teens’ relationship with Facebook is complicated and may be evolving.

Poem of the Day From the Poetry Foundation.Time to Play, BY LANDIS EVERSON


Now it’s time to play. Nobody says,
like they used to, but in my bones
the desire overwhelms me. “Write!
Make a poem,” say the bones.


The inlet will come first. It always does.
Water calls urgently, “egret.” The waterbird
that moves elastically over the surface
making everything focus soon or late.


Now my hand enters. It always does.
It gives the bones reason to observe.
It makes the egret the finest thing in sight
and the water intelligent north of here.


Water is genius because it is interconnected.
Drop south knows drop north.
But the bones will lose their joy
if the bird overwhelms the old playground.